Our People

We’re a boutique practice with big ideas. When you work with Wall, you’re supported by every member of our team. Young, progressive and innovative, we pride ourselves on bringing together our wide-ranging experience across the residential and commercial sectors. As a close-knit collective, we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of design, testing new ideas and reinterpreting traditional architecture in a contemporary context. We look forward to working with you.

Our Directors

  • Nicklaus Leong

    Registered Architect (ARBV)
    B.Arch (RMIT)
    B.Sci (Arch) (LUCT)

    With 15 years of high-end residential and commercial design experience, Nicklaus is the co-director of Wall. His approach to design is all about the big picture and he enjoys the challenges of communicating through architecture. It is Nicklaus’ passionate and enthusiastic nature which ensures each project is delivered with integrity and commitment, building long lasting relationship with all of his clients.

  • Max Lee

    Registered Architect (ARBV)
    B.Arch (Hons) (RMIT)
    B.Sci (Arch) (LUCT)

    Co-director of Wall, Max is a proponent of collaborative design and problem solving at every part of the design and construction process. He believes it is this communal methodology, which leads to innovative architecture, interiors and landscaping. An intelligent and proactive problem-solver, Max embraces design challenges with open arms, welcoming them as an opportunity to always improve his art and deliver exceptional architecture.

Our Team Members

  • Nicole Chew

    M. Arch (RMIT)
    B. Arch (UTAR)

    Nicole is passionate about pursuing a diversity of architectural design methodologies, she combines a wide variety of skills with a focus on delivering projects that improve the lives of communities.